Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Fastrackcity?
Fastrackcity aims to become the destination of choice for all automotive businesses and motorsports enthusiasts. It is a unique development that caters for a motorsports-centric lifestyle in Asia, boosting 300 acres of land with the aim to ensure a dynamic and exciting experience, be it on, off or around the race track. The race circuit and other facilities are operated within a duty-free area for motor vehicles to eliminate any requirement for import duty or taxes for the vehicles.

2. Where is Fastrackcity?
Ideally located in the State of Johor, South Malaysia while at the doorstep of Singapore, Fastrackcity allows easy access by both local and international visitors. Fastrackcity site is 10 minutes’ drive from the Tuas-Johor CIQ. The southern tip of the site begins at the 1st exit to PTP (Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas, aka Port of Tanjung Pelepas), after the first toll plaza and runs alongside the highway immediately behind the Gelang Patah rest stop, and ends before the 2nd exit to Gelang Patah. (Approximate google map co-ordinates 1.396598, 103.584149)

3. What kind of facilities will Fastrackcity have to offer to motorsports enthusiasts?
Fastrackcity is home to a 4.5 km FIA Grade 1 (for cars) and FIM Grade A (for bikes) race circuit. Its fully integrated Pit Building, Auto Vault, Speed Gallery and Plaza ensure that all enthusiasts will enjoy services that include secured parking, F&B outlets, comfortable amenities, specialty workshops and other technical needs within the development. Apart from the main race circuit, Fastrackcity also boasts a 1.5 km CIK Grade A Go Kart track, an Advanced Driving Park and a Hill Climb Section.

4. What kind of services will Fastrack city offer?
Fastrackcity will be developed as a motorsports-centric lifestyle hub that revolves around a variety of motorsports-inspired activities such as racing, sprinting, drifting, karting, defensive and advanced driving training and 4x4 terrain experience. From novice to advanced drivers and riders, there will be programmes suitable for all ages and skills. Fastrackcity also boasts a full range of integrated support facilities such as hospitality areas, curation, maintenance and performance tuning workshops, museum and exhibition halls, bonded vehicle storage, specialty retail and F&B outlets. Other facilities may include motorsports-themed hotels, conference facilities and other mixed-use commercial development.

5. What can Fastrackcity offer automotive businesses?
Fastrackcity will be a one-stop centre for automotive businesses. We have infra-ready, freehold commercial land plots in a gated community for sale, with no restriction on foreign ownerships, allowing automotive businesses to set up showrooms, workshops and for other commercial uses. Leveraging on Fastrackcity motorsports facilities and its duty-free status for the circuit, an on-site 4-star hotel, easy access from Singapore and the proposed High-Speed Rail Station next to our site, these land plots are set to play a major role in forming the future automotive corridor.

For retail and other specialized motorsports businesses, Fastrackcity offers well-designed commercial properties for lease within its Speed Gallery, to house purpose-built workshops and exhibition area.

*NB: The information regarding the High-Speed Rail station being beside Fastrackcity was correct before the indefinite postponement of the project by the Malaysian Government.

6. When will it start operations?
Phase 1 construction will take about 30 months with all motorsports related facilities, including the main race circuit and go kart track. Given the right business environment, we envisage that all motorsports facilities will be operational commencing from end 2019. The rest of the activities will be readied progressively from 2020.

*NB: Uncertainties surrounding the High-Speed Rail project has resulted in Fastrackcity planned start dates being reviewed. Please check our website for updates.

7. Why is there a delay in the expected completion date compared to the initial target set in 2013? 
The existing land is unusually hilly including the highest peak in the area. In line with our aim of providing the most challenging and interesting circuit, we wanted to preserve the undulating terrain, hence the design has been difficult and has taken longer to complete.

8. Moving forward, should we expect any more delays on the construction?
If the economy continues to be stable and growing healthily, Fastrackcity can expect construction by phases to be on schedule (refer to Q6).

9. How much do I have to pay?
Pricing is under consideration at the moment. We will publish the charges and rates in due course. It is expected to be comparable with the market rates.

10. What is the grading of the circuit?
The circuit is compliant with FIA grade 1 and will be 4.5 km long. We target to achieve FIM Grade A for motorcycles.

11. How long is the Go Kart race circuit?
The CIK grade A Go Kart Circuit will be 1.5 km long and is extendable to 1.7 km.

12. What kinds of cars are allowed to use the tracks?
Most cars are suitable to be used on the tracks although some modification may be required to ensure safety. We will publish the requirements in due course.

13. How big is the whole project?
The development is on a land area of 300 acres (about 220 football fields).

14. Is this part of Johor safe? 
As it is, there’s been a consistently high flow of visitors and commuters to this region of Johor, be it to LEGOLAND and the Johor Premium Outlets for recreation and shopping, or to the Marlborough College and other educational institutions for children’s education. Safety has not been an issue for these visitors and commuters. We will, however, not take safety for granted, and we will be going the extra mile to ensure that Fastrackcity will be a safe and conducive destination for our visitors.

15. How will Fastrackcity ensure/improve safety?
An extensive study into security and safety has been done by the Fastrackcity management team with our appointed security consultant. Entry into the facilities will be via tightly-controlled ingress/egress points. There will be a dedicated security team backed by the best in security training and state-of-the-art technologies such as motion sensing CCTV.

16. Will there be express immigration lanes for visitors travelling to Fastrackcity?
We are discussing with the local authorities with suggestion for the immigration process. We hope to see improved access from Singapore to Malaysia.

17. How would you compare your race track to Sepang’s and/or Pasir Gudang’s?
The FIA graded race circuit at Fastrackcity will be uniquely challenging and exciting. Fastrackcity circuit also comes with a hill climb section whereby drivers can try out a different driving experience. Its closest reference would be the highly respected Nordschleife at the Nurburgring in Germany.

18. How would you compare your kart circuit to those in the region: 
- KF1 Kranji (North West Singapore),
- Elite and Sepang (off Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia), and
- Easy Kart’s Indoor Kart Track in RCA Plaza (Bangkok, Thailand).

Fastrackcity’s Kart Circuit will be CIK grade A kart circuit and the allocated area is almost twice as large as any kart circuit in this region. If you are a karting fan, the onsite kart building comes with all amenities such as workshops, kart storage, pro-shops, a viewing terrace, briefing rooms, and café, meeting all the requirements of the users. With its world class design, multiple configurations and dual directions, we expect the karting community to be excited about karting on a track that is designed and equipped for world-class karting events and races.  For the families, we can support both fun and advanced driving, thereby catering for the needs of all.

19. Will Fastrackcity be family friendly?
Fastrackcity is designed from the start to be family-friendly and family-oriented with facilities and activities that are well-suited for people of all ages. Children can start karting from the age of 5 and as long as the passion lives, there is no age limit for the gentlemen or ladies races.

20. Is Fastrackcity’s target audience locals or foreigners?
Our target audience is everyone who wants to go to one destination to experience a whole array of top notch motorsports activities and events, and will include Malaysians, Singaporeans, and any motorsports enthusiasts from all over the region.

21. Will the Forest City development affect Fastrackcity?
We see this as a complementary and mutually beneficial relationship that a motorsports township boasting a variety of motorsports related activities is available at the door step of the mega city development.

22. Will the revamping of the Pasir Gudang Johor Circuit affect Fastrackcity?
It is healthy for the community to have options. Each facility has its own uniqueness and should not be seen as direct competitors.

23. How far is the proposed High Speed Rail from Fastrackcity?
The proposed High-Speed Rail station is less than 1 km away from Fastrackcity.
*NB: The information regarding distance from Fastrackcity is correct before the indefinite postponement of the High-Speed Rail project by the Malaysian Government.


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